Logan Forsyth Interview: Social Media and Digital Marketing Insights with Logan Forsyth of mediascaling.com
Jan 24 2024
Logan Forsyth is the Founder & Co-CEO of mediascaling.com, a company specializing in building personal brands and generating billions of views on social media for their clients. In this episode of The Michael Sartain Podcast, Logan shares insights on social media and digital marketing. He discusses the algorithm's behavior, reverse engineering organic metrics, and the speed of account growth. Logan also talks about choosing clients, content creation systems, and different types of content. He addresses the impact of anonymity and insults on social media and shares his background in digital marketing. The conversation covers scaling and licensing strategies, software stack, funnels, AI sales teams, hiring techniques, and content creation strategies. Logan discusses call-to-actions, thumbnails, and monetization. He also talks about issues like account shutdowns and buying fake followers. The importance of mentors, the popularity of reaction videos and podcasts, and the role of social media in society are also discussed.

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