Eladio Carrión Interview: New Album "Sol María", TV Show, Learning Spanish & Unexpected Encounter
Feb 10 2024
Eladio Carrión discusses his new album "Sol María", creating a comedy TV series, and learning Spanish as a second language in an interview with Big Boy. He talks about winning a GRAMMY in 2023, growing up around rap music in the United States, moving to Puerto Rico at a young age, and raising twins. Eladio also shares his love for hip-hop artists like 50 Cent, Mobb Deep, Nas, and Eminem. He explains the meaning of "no sabo", recalls getting punched by a child, and shares how he met Bad Bunny in college. The full interview can be watched exclusively on BigBoyTV. Eladio Carrión's new album "Sol María" is now available, featuring songs like "Bendecido", "La Canción Feliz Disco", "TQMQA", and more. The album includes collaborations with Milo j, Yandel, Rauw Alejandro, De La Ghetto, Sech, Duki, and Nach.

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