Ice Bucket Challenge: The best

Everybody know what is Ice Bucket Challenge. This shit has occupied whole internet.

But only two persons made their videos really interesting to watch. Yes, these guys are Charlie Sheen and Verne Troyer

All stars of Playboy on one page

Good news, gentlemen! Today we begin a new column - Boobstagram.

From now on you will be informed about life of hot chicks from all around the world. We guarantee!

Let's take a moment and laugh at other people's fails!

Scientists of all around the world proved that all people like to laugh at other people's mistakes. Those who don't agree - certainly lie!

Movie stars at the beginning of their careers.

We found for you a collection of castings of movie stars at the beginning of their careers. They all look so ordinary...

Game of Thrones: Favorites

Do you love the TV show "Game of Thrones"? Yes? Then good news, gentlemen!

All of us love this show because there are so much violence and sex, of course. So today, we decided to present to you the compilation of murders.

Kim Jong Un has demonstrated to the world his battle cyborgs

Not long ago, in the internet appeared the video where the fat hamster with black soul Kim Jong Un shows to the world the power of his army.

Bike ride over Playboy Mansion

Each of us, probably, would love to live in Playboy Mansion with a lot of hot PlayBoy babies.

However, for most of us it will remains only just a dream. But we have good news, gentlemens!

How to lose weight and make your muscles strong without any efforts

From now - forget about the gym! After you watch this video you will know how to turn your weak muscles into a strong rock! And it don't needs any extra efforts!

New video from Penelope Cruz will make this summer even hotter

Pen?lope Cruz is back. And her second video clip for Agent Provocateur is awesome!

Jimmy Fallon Throw His Balls At Julia Roberts’ Face

Julia Roberts was at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote HBO's The Normal Heart. And do you know what kind of welcome she received?