She's Not A 'Gold Digger' - We're Getting Married | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
Jun 29 2022
JUDGED for their weight difference, Sienna and George have been together for four years after Sienna saw George on TV and slid into his DMs. The happy couple shared their relationship online and started to receive comments saying that Sienna was only with him for money and that there’s no way Sienna is in love with him. After receiving the hate they have online, they didn’t let it break them up or affect them in any way - and have now shared their wedding day. The now married couple refuse to let the hate dictate their love life and instead pay attention to their supporters knowing they are as happy as they have ever been - no matter their size difference. George said: “When we started talking on Instagram, I think what really connected us was we were so alike. We were both creative, we were both determined in wanting to succeed in life and we just got on with it. We kind of clicked straight away, and we got on and that chemistry was already there before we even met in real life.” Sienna added: “So now that we're married I really feel like we're proving the trolls wrong. Everyone said that I'm a gold digger and in it for money, well actually I'm in it for life dammit!”

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