This Puppy With A Strangely Human Face Is Freaking Out The Internet

A 1-year-old puppy is freaking out a lot of people on the internet because of his oddly human face.

Yogi is a Shih-poo ― a cross between a Shih Tzu and a poodle ― whose eyes and jaw make him appear very human-like, despite being very dog-like in every other way.

“He is the most playful puppy,” owner Chantal Desjardins told Inside Edition. “He always wants to play ball or get his belly rubbed.”

Yogi has become an internet sensation in the last week after a friend posted his photo on Reddit.

If you think Yogi looks more human than canine, there’s science to back that up, according to Research suggests that human brains are wired to think of certain types of animal faces as “cute” or “human-like.” The phenomenon, dubbed “baby schema,” means humans tend to associate things like big eyes and round cheeks with baby humans.

Inverse gazed deeply into Yogi’s eyes and theorized a bit more: “Maybe it’s Yogi’s mournful stare and round face that reminds us of a baby experiencing an existential crisis.”



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