The Untold Truth of Mayim Bialik
Oct 15 2021
Mayim Bialik might be best known for playing neurobiologist Amy Fowler on "The Big Bang Theory," but she certainly hasn't had the classic Hollywood career that you might expect. Bialik's been a professor, a child star, a mother, a writer, and even a host on "Jeopardy." Even if you're a "Big Bang Theory" mega-fan, you likely aren't aware of how many different hats the real-life Amy has worn over the years. From her entrance into (and speedy departure from) Hollywood as a child to her modern-day work as a game show host and sitcom star, this is the untold truth of Mayim Bialik.

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A normal upbringing | 0:00

Blossoming | 1:03

STEM advocate | 1:32

A double life | 2:09

The Big Bang Theory | 2:49

Conversion | 3:49

Close call | 4:39

Attached at the hip | 5:19

Co-parenting | 6:21

Lifestyle guru | 7:02

Et tu? | 7:51

Star power | 8:40

Jeopardy! | 9:22

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