Ava Louise claims Monty Lopez “cheating” didn’t cause breakup with Addison Rae’s mom
Aug 31 2022

On August 23, Monty was spotted kissing TikTok creator Ava Louise, who went viral in 2022 for licking a toilet seat.

Monty was accused of cheating on his wife in July with other women and the couple has since parted ways, as seen at the VMAs where Sheri shared a smooch with rapper Yung Gravy.

The drama has pushed their daughter, Addison, to unfollow both of them on social media – not commenting on the situation publicly.

Questions still remain about why they ended things, but a source close to Monty has decided to potentially spill some tea on the matter.

Ava Louise makes big claims about Addison Rae’s mom

In a series of comments on TikTok, reported by TikTokroom, Ava Louise penned a number of serious allegations against Sheri and her immediate family.

These serious claims have not yet been verified by the family.

“Wouldn’t let Monty financially support the daughter either. And it’s why they actually kept splitting up, not because of Monty cheating.”

“Sheri was super mean to Monty’s daughter, wouldn’t claim the step-grandkids, whole mess.”

Sheri and Addison Rae have not yet commented on the remarks at the time of writing, with Monty also remaining quiet on the matter since Ava posted the allegations.

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