Google is warning if you don't remove these 11 popular apps, your bank account may be drained.
May 11 2023

Due to a group of shady phone apps, numerous Android users are facing the possibility of losing their hard-earned money. These apps, containing 'subscription Trojans', can discreetly enroll users in costly monthly subscription plans, allowing them to quietly siphon money from their bank accounts.

Despite being unavailable for download from the Google Play Store, these apps may still be present on countless Android phones, which is why users are being advised to act immediately.

It's been estimated that these apps have been downloaded approximately 615,000 times, so it's recommended that you check your phone and uninstall them if they're present.

The apps include:

1. Beauty Camera Plus

2. Beauty Photo Camera

3. Beauty Slimming Photo Editor

4. Fingertip Graffiti

5. GIF Camera Editor

6. HD 4K Wallpaper

7. Impressionism Pro Camera

8. Microclip Video Editor

9. Night Mode Camera Pro

10. Photo Camera Editor

11. Photo Effect Editor

To delete them, just tap and hold down on the app icons in question then tap 'Uninstall' in the popup window that appears.

Cybersecurity experts, identified the problematic apps. Affected users are often unable to detect the unwanted subscriptions right away or figure out how they were enrolled in the first place. This makes subscription Trojans a dependable revenue source for cybercriminals.

Studied data indicates that the Trojan has been operational since 2022. Experts found eleven contaminated apps on Google Play, which had been installed on over 620,000 devices. All of the apps were withdrawn from the marketplace before their report was released, but the malicious actors may have deployed other undiscovered apps, implying that the actual number of installations could be higher.