TikTok Star PinkyDoll Unfazed by Backlash over NPC Streams
Jul 22 2023

TikTok is the hub for the latest fads and trends that are destined to dominate social media. Whether it's trending air-fryer recipes, infectious dance challenges, or something else entirely, TikTok is the ultimate platform for content to go viral.

But there's a new trend on TikTok that has left many viewers perplexed. It's often referred to as 'NPC,' which stands for 'non-playable character' in video games.

The trend involves a creator streaming on TikTok, where they can receive gifts like roses and sunglasses. Every time they receive one of these virtual items — which cost real-life money to send — they will act out a pantomime or repeat a phrase depending on the sticker that’s sent to them.

The outcome is reminiscent of characters in video games, known as NPCs, who have pre-programmed responses to actions taken by players. PinkyDoll, who is largely credited with starting the viral trend, admits to being inspired by NPCs in games like Grand Theft Auto. Shortly after, a clip from one of her live streams gained popularity on Twitter, leading to a trend where even well-known influencers like IShowSpeed joined in by creating their own NPC streams.

NPC TikToker PinkyDoll responds to criticism over viral live streams

There are some individuals who are not on board with the latest trend, however. Numerous internet users have expressed their concerns about the peculiar nature of these streams. Even prominent online commentator Moist Critikal recently stated in a video that this craze has "crossed the line."

Despite the backlash against her viral streams, PinkyDoll remains unfazed. In an interview with the New York Times on July 17, the TikToker expressed her indifference towards the negative reaction to her content.

She told the Times that she doesn't really care about what people say about her. She's fine with them thinking whatever they want because, in the end, she's winning. According to PinkyDoll, she's making around $2,000 - $3,000 per TikTok live stream, which adds up to $7,000 per day when considering her other revenue sources like OnlyFans.

Other influencers who have joined the NPC stream trend have also reported significant earnings. One creator claimed to have made an astonishing $700 in just three hours.

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