Holly Willoughby's Acting Debut Disappoints, Fans Say 'Shame on You'
Aug 27 2023

ITV viewers were quick to react after Holly Willoughby made her acting debut on Sunday evening (August 27).

The This Morning presenter had a cameo appearance on the drama Midsomer Murders, playing herself, and was referred to as "the Queen of Daytime" by one of the characters in the episode.

The episode, titled The Witches of Angel's Rise, was filmed two years ago and featured the discovery of a dead body and a tarot card on the eve of a psychic fayre.

However, some fans of the show seemed to be disappointed with Willoughby's appearance and directed their frustration towards the television network.

One person commented on X, formerly Twitter: "'Is that the Queen of Daytime?' Ah yes, top quality realistic not-at-all-forced dialogue there ITV. #MidsomerMurders."

Another person wrote: "#MidsomerMurders spoilt with a cameo plug for ThisMorning. @itv just don't get it and shame on the MM producers for being useful idiots. Flogging a dead horse on the back of premium TV content."

A third person asked: "How much did Holly Willoughby get paid for appearing for 2 seconds? #MidsomerMurders?!?!"

And a fourth person joked: "Wonder how much Holly Willoughby's husband paid #midsomermurders to get her a line!"

Holly made a brief appearance on screen 12 minutes into the episode. She was seen walking past with her back to the cameras. Moments later, she was spotted at the episode's psychic fayre.

Her dialogue came in at the 29-minute mark. It was short and sweet as she simply said, "Excuse me?"

The episode also featured former EastEnders actor Colin Salmon and Neil Dudgeon, who plays the lead role of DCI Barnaby in the series.

Yesterday, it was reported that Holly has fully complied and cooperated with everything that has been asked of her by the KC in the independent inquiry into the Phillip Schofield scandal.

According to her close pals, Holly has nothing to hide when it comes to her former co-presenter.

The highly-anticipated review, led by Jane Mulcahy KC, is expected to be completed in September.

In May of this year, Phillip, 61, left ITV after admitting to having a relationship with a younger male colleague.

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