Ariana Grande's Lip Filler and Botox Confession: A Disguise Revealed
Sep 14 2023

Ariana Grande has recently confessed that she previously relied on lip filler and Botox to enhance her appearance. In a video for Vogue's Beauty Secrets on YouTube, the singer opened up about the procedures she has undergone. While demonstrating her skincare and makeup routine, Grande decided to be honest and open with her fans. She admitted, "I want to be completely transparent. As someone who is involved in the beauty industry, I have had numerous lip filler treatments and Botox injections over the years. However, I stopped in 2018 because it became too much for me. I felt like I was hiding behind these procedures." During the discussion, Ariana became visibly emotional, and her eyes filled with tears.

She pushed through and continued: "I didn't anticipate becoming emotional. For a significant period of time, beauty meant concealing for me. However, now I feel like maybe it's not necessary, especially since I stopped getting fillers and Botox."

The actress, who is slated to star in the new adaptation of Wicked, confessed to using makeup as a means to "conceal" alongside her cosmetic procedures.

Ariana admitted that it became a way for her to "disguise" herself and as "something to hide behind," relying on "increased hair" and "thicker" eyeliner.

Ariana Grande has expressed a shift in her perspective on beauty. She no longer sees it as a means to impress others, but rather as a form of self-expression. She believes in accentuating what is already present rather than altering her appearance. She emphasizes the personal nature of our relationships with beauty and suggests that the ultimate goal is to feel our best and be loved. Although she currently has no plans to undergo procedures like Botox or lip fillers, she doesn't completely rule out the possibility in the future.

The singer, who gained popularity through the Nickelodeon show Victorious, encouraged her fans to embrace whatever makes them feel beautiful.

Grande proudly acknowledged her smile lines, stating that they were a result of a life well-lived and expressing her hope that they would deepen as she continues to laugh.

She also mentioned the possibility of getting a facelift in the future, but emphasized the importance of open discussion about such topics.