Revitalize Your Sex Life with This 5-Minute Hack: Jana Hocking
Sep 23 2023

Recently, a truly tragic event occurred in my life.

It's the kind of thing that you wouldn't even wish upon your worst enemy: I lost my sex drive.

Yes, it's true. I searched high and low, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

It wasn't hiding in a late-night viewing of "The Notebook" (Oh Noah).

My favorite battery-operated device couldn't bring it back. Not even a date with an incredibly attractive man could reignite the flame. It seemed that not even the depths of a very saucy website could help.

My sex drive had disappeared. It had vanished into thin air. And I was absolutely devastated.

As someone who had always taken pride in having a high sex drive, this conundrum left me completely perplexed.

So perplexed, in fact, that I decided to book myself a doctor's appointment as a last-ditch effort to reclaim what was lost.

The doctor, with a kind face and a heck load of patience, asked me to explain my current lifestyle.

Well … I have been enjoying a particularly busy and eventful freelance career.

I’ve been going out for probably one too many late nights.

My diet could definitely use some improvement. While I love French fries (which technically count as a vegetable), I know I need more nutrition in my life. However, I'm not willing to give up my busy lifestyle or my love for a night out and fries.

Even though I tried getting eight hours of sleep, it only slightly worked. Sure, I may have caught the attention of a hot guy at the bar, but I didn't really care to act on it. I needed something more.

That's when the Instagram gods showed me some mercy. They introduced me to TJ Power, a neuroscientist who talked about the benefits of cold water in an Insta video. At first, it sounded boring, but what he said caught my attention.

According to TJ Power, getting into fresh cold water for just two to five minutes every day can clear the mind, increase dopamine levels, and reduce inflammation in the body. Now that sounds promising!

According to him, individuals who consume cocaine witness a 2.5 times increase in their dopamine levels, which reaches its peak at nine minutes and then rapidly declines.

This leaves the participant feeling terrible.

Interestingly, scientists have discovered that cold water immersion produces the same dopamine high as cocaine, but with a major difference. While the effects of cocaine only last for nine minutes, the dopamine boost from cold water immersion lasts for a whopping two and a half hours!

And here's the best part: those who engage in cold water immersion and experience this intense dopamine rush won't suffer from the dreadful crash that cocaine users do.

After hearing about the potential benefits of cold water therapy for boosting my sex drive, I decided to give it a try. A spiritually inclined friend of mine spoke highly of it, so I was intrigued. The next morning, despite the freezing winter weather, I mustered up the courage to head to the beach at the end of my street.

Armed with just a swimsuit, Ugg boots, and a warm but hideous beach towel poncho, I made my way to the shoreline. I told myself that if I could endure just a minute in the cold water, I could quickly retreat to my apartment for a warm coffee and a hot bath.

As I nervously walked down the chilly street, I repeated a mantra to myself: "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to get my sex drive back I go."

Upon reaching the beach, I threw my towel onto the cold sand and kicked off my Ugg boots. Without overthinking it, I ran straight into the ocean.

Oh boy, was it freezing! But then, something incredible happened. Once my body adjusted to the water temperature, I experienced an exhilarating high.

You might think I sound a bit delusional, but that feeling of adaptation to the cold water was truly glorious.

After roughly five minutes, I happily skipped back to my apartment, feeling accomplished. And the next morning, I did it again. And the morning after that. And, well, you guessed it, the morning after that.

But here's the crazy thing - I started looking forward to it. I craved that instant high, and it motivated me to take better care of my health.

As a result, I began sleeping better, had more energy, and, voila! My sex drive returned.

Now, I'm not claiming that this is the elixir of life, but I needed something drastic to get myself back on track. And who would have thought that the solution would be something that doesn't cost a penny, just a bit of guts.

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