"Embracing My £40k Boobs: Defying Jealousy, Embracing Self-Love"
Nov 25 2023

A woman who has spent a significant amount of money on her breast implants claims that she cannot leave her house without other women becoming jealous of her impressive cleavage. Paige British, a model from Cheshire, has undergone a total of 14 surgeries and proudly declares that she is "filled with plastic."

In total, she has spent £80,000 on her appearance, with £40,000 solely dedicated to her breast enhancements. Last month, she traveled to Los Angeles to undergo another procedure, spending £17,000 to increase her cup size from an H to an I.

Despite facing judgment and discomfort from others, especially women, Paige is content with her new look.

Paige, who has 271,000 followers on Instagram (@paigebritish), believes that other women feel threatened by her. She attributes their negative reactions to jealousy, despite her modest style of dressing.

Paige acknowledges that she often receives judgmental glances and looks from others. She also mentions that people who leave nasty comments online question what she has done to herself and express their disgust.

However, Paige remains unfazed by the haters and is unapologetic about potentially offending anyone.

Despite recently recovering from her previous surgery, Paige is already working towards saving money for her next procedure.

Currently, her cup size is approximately double the average size in the UK, which is DD. Paige expressed, "It feels like a never-ending process, but I am passionate about it. Although the size causes me back pain, I believe it is all worthwhile."

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The woman reveals that her spouse has always admired her physique and has been a source of unwavering support during her various surgeries. She acknowledges that her husband has been by her side since before any procedures took place and continues to love and cherish her.

Currently, the model is the primary earner in their relationship, generating a monthly income of £80,000 by sharing provocative photos on the internet. As a testament to her success, she has recently treated herself to a Ferrari.

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