Kanye West shares risqué hotel video of Bianca Censori sans bra, then swiftly removes it
Jan 25 2024

Kanye West has recently removed a video featuring his wife Bianca Censori, in which she was recorded topless in a hotel room. The video showcased Bianca wearing a sheer mesh long-sleeved top that revealed her curves, along with high-waisted black hot pants and a large fluffy hat.

Despite the unique ensemble, Kanye decided to delete the video shortly after posting it on his Instagram profile.

Earlier today, Bianca was spotted donning a massive fluffy hat paired with a matching trench coat crafted from the same material. The ensemble was cinched at the waist, creating an oversized yet stylish look.

The reason behind Kanye's decision to remove the video remains unknown.

Recently, West and Censori have been grabbing attention with their revealing photos, which Kanye has been sharing on his social media. In a recent series of pictures, Bianca stunned fans by wearing a black latex hood and a beige body thong, leaving everyone in awe.

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In one image, Censori was seen with her back to the camera, wearing a tight, glossy latex hood that covered her head, except for a section cut out for her face. She had minimal clothing on, only sporting a pair of black knee-high boots and a barely covering bodysuit.

Another picture showcased Bianca in the kitchen, wearing a daring outfit that revealed her curves. She wore a sheer beige fabric panel, tied behind her neck with string, while the rest of the fabric criss-crossed down her back.

The images of her bottom half being completely exposed have left fans feeling disturbed. Some fans compared her appearance to the unsettling vibes of American Horror Story, while others expressed their disgust.


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