Jessica Biel's 'Super Vagina' Causes Condom Mishaps
Feb 03 2024

Jessica Biel recently opened up about her personal experiences with her own vagina during a candid discussion about sex education. The 41-year-old Total Recall star, who is married to Justin Timberlake, hosted a digital series called If You Don't Tell Them, Then Who Will? in order to educate viewers about their genitals and sex lives.

During the discussion, Biel revealed that she has a "super large" vagina, which caused her to experience increased menstrual bleeding until she opted for a hormone-free IUD. Biel, along with Whitney Cummings and Joy Bryant, also pondered whether the metal in IUDs could be "struck by lightning," with Cummings jokingly suggesting that this could be the origin story of Superwoman. Biel questioned whether having a "super vagina" was worth the potential risks, considering her heavy flow.

She stated, "I had to set a timer and change my tampon every two hours because I would bleed through everything. It was like Shark Week." Jessica also shared her thoughts on birth control methods, jokingly suggesting, "The pill should have a sound, like a greeting card. Every time you open it, it should cry like a baby. So then you're like, 'Oh my God!' and just gulp them down."

The uncomfortable sex education conversation didn't stop there. The discussion soon shifted to "extra large condoms," with Jess confessing, "The problem with big condoms is that they tend to fall off. Have you ever had that moment when you're lying there with your partner and you say, 'You gotta get in there. You gotta find it.'"

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The actress acknowledges the greatness of vaginas, stating in 2015 during the show's launch: "We could say that vaginas are magical things. I like that. Or we could go with the idea that vaginas are strange and intimidating, and they bleed for seven days, so they shouldn't be trusted!"

More recently, Jessica shocked fans with her "satisfying" shower habit, which some believed had to be a joke. She confessed that she enjoys bringing food into the shower and indulging while the water washes away the mess.

On TikTok, she clarified: "I think some of you may already know this about me, but I love eating in the shower. I enjoy eating and drinking while showering. I stick to shower-friendly items like cereal or yogurt. Coffee, tea, and popsicles are also on the list. I know, there's a risk of melting. But it's safe, you know, if anything drops, it's all good."

After being bombarded with questions about her peculiar habit, the celebrity clarified, "I'm delighted that everyone is so intrigued. I genuinely want to initiate a movement, a shower-eating movement. I enjoy taking a bite or a sip and placing it on the ledge, and then continuing with my shower routine."

"The only challenging part is that while chewing, I have to keep my mouth closed because I still like to feel the water on my body. However, inexplicably, I have the urge to open my mouth and spit water at the same time."

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