Playboy Model's Terrifying Beach Photoshoot Mishap
Feb 06 2024

A Playboy model's daring photoshoot was almost ruined when she was unexpectedly swept away by a massive wave.

Francia James, a 33-year-old OnlyFans sensation, is notorious for captivating her online audience with provocative videos and revealing snapshots.

In her latest clip, which has garnered a significant amount of attention, the voluptuous Colombian model can be seen striking poses in the ocean while wearing a skimpy bikini.

With her hands raised in the air, she confidently showcases her well-toned physique, complemented by a stylish hat and sunglasses.

However, she let out a scream as a massive wave crashed into her from behind, causing her to fall face-first into the sand and nearly get swept away. The force of the wave also sent her hat flying into the water, almost losing it as well.

Despite the unexpected incident, she quickly got back on her feet and looked annoyed at the water. However, her annoyance soon turned into laughter as she exclaimed, "What the f**k." In the caption of her Instagram post, she admitted that the situation did not go as planned. Nevertheless, she expressed that it was worth it and considered it to be one of the best photoshoots she has ever had.

The video left Instagram viewers in stitches, and they couldn't help but make fun of her mishap in the comments. One user humorously commented, "Wipe out."

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One commenter said, "You always look amazing, queen."

Another person added, "I love it, my girl."

A third person commented, "That look you gave at the water towards the end, like you're not dealing with that again."

A fourth person wrote, "Francia James was praised by fans online as the hottest model after she was seen freeing the nipple by the pool in a viral video. Fans were left stunned as the curvaceous star flaunted her curves in a strapless playsuit without a bra, displaying her chest outside her home in Florida, US."

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