Profiting from Sensuality: Model's Lucrative Sales of Bath Water and Body Parts
Feb 11 2024

A woman known as a 'slutrepreneur' has gained popularity in the fetish world by transitioning from being a stripper to selling various items, including underwear and body parts. Rebekka Blue, a brunette from North Carolina, has received a range of unusual requests from her customers, ranging from more common items like used pants, socks, and shoes to more peculiar ones like nails, belly button fluff, and even used cotton buds.

She proudly claims that her entire body is a source of income and has a menu of offerings for her clients. Rebekka is open-minded and accepts requests for items such as her trash and vacuum cleaner waste, which her devoted fans eagerly purchase. Despite catering to the desires of her kinky followers, she remains non-judgmental and even includes a personalized card and a kiss when sealing their packages.

The 30-year-old considers herself fortunate to have entered the online adult industry just as it was gaining momentum.

During her prime, the stunning woman with numerous tattoos claims she could earn $500 per week solely from fetish sales, while making a monthly income of $10,000 from her provocative online content. She attributes her entry into this profitable line of work to a combination of a run-in with the law and impeccable timing.

In an interview with the Daily Star, she revealed that at the age of 18 in 2012, she utilized Instagram and eBay to sell items and promote herself.

But everything changed when she received a DUI, lost her driving privileges, and had to start working remotely from home. She thought to herself, "How can I earn money from the comfort of my own home?" Having previous experience at a strip club, she was familiar with that lifestyle and enjoyed it.

A friend of hers introduced her to webcam modeling, explaining that it was a safer option where she wouldn't have to physically interact with anyone. She could set her own working hours and didn't even have to put on much makeup. Intrigued, she decided to give it a try, and it turned out to be a perfect fit for her. It felt like everything fell into place.

Rebekka explained that while she was producing adult content on her own, she seized every financial opportunity that came her way.

During this time, she became aware of certain requests that other models would often decline to fulfill. Recognizing a gap in the market, Rebekka saw an opportunity to cater to these unique demands.

She specifically mentioned items like panties and used bath water as examples of the unconventional requests she received. Realizing that this niche had potential, Rebekka saw herself as a prominent figure in a smaller, specialized market.

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"So, fast forward to TikTok, around 2019 or 2020, and that's when I began anonymously sharing these stories. Surprisingly, I started receiving millions and millions of views.

I decided to create a series called 'Weird Things I Sell on the Internet' and even trademarked it. Initially, I felt a bit ashamed and kept it to myself.

However, it wasn't until I shared it on TikTok that I discovered a whole community of girls who either had experience in this or were interested in trying it themselves."

Rebekka claims that she sold her contraceptive coil to a fan for a significant amount of money. However, she emphasizes that it is not a simple task for anyone to sell their belongings online.

According to her, many people mistakenly believe that they can easily remove their coil and attract numerous men willing to pay thousands of dollars. Rebekka disagrees, stating that it took her a decade or more to establish a loyal customer base who have confidence in her.

"There are various websites, and their trustworthiness varies. This is because some girls scam guys, leading to a lack of trust in the process. Building reviews and establishing credibility are essential in this industry."

Despite dominating the kink market, Rebekka, the entrepreneur, has multiple income streams. She earns a substantial income from platforms like OnlyFans. Additionally, as an influencer with 1.5 million followers, she operates her own Amazon store and a store called Horny Stoner, specializing in adult toys.

Furthermore, Rebekka imparts her knowledge and insights through her Professional Goddess Podcast, catering to individuals in the adult entertainment industry."

Rebekka, in addition to her other accomplishments, is the author of a book titled "Slutrepreneur's Secrets." The book was incredibly successful, selling out in its initial release and is currently in its fourth edition.

Rebekka believes in the significance of diversifying her income streams to ensure that she has multiple backup options in case one market fails.

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