Kim Petras Drops 'Filthiest Lyrics Ever' as Fans Go Wild for 'Big and Juicy' Line
Feb 15 2024

Kim Petras' latest album, Slut Pop Miami, features some of the most explicit lyrics ever heard in her music. The singer fearlessly embraces provocative song titles such as "Gag On It," "Get F***ed," "Rim Job," and "C***blocker," among others. Some of the more peculiar titles include "Whale C***" and "Banana Boat." The songs themselves contain extremely NSFW lyrics, making this album unsuitable for blasting at full volume through your headphones on public transportation.

One of the relatively milder tracks is "F***in This, F***in That," which astonishingly includes the word "f***" a staggering 50 times. Petras' innuendo-laden song "Banana Boat" describes her desire to incorporate a "ripe, sweet, big and juicy" banana into her smoothie, before expressing her wish to "ride a banana boat."

In Get F***ed, Petras wastes no time discussing intimate bodily experiences before the star admits she "desires to perspire". Other particularly explicit lyrics include: "I am the ruler of the palace / touching his intimate part / now he's aroused like a rabbit," and elsewhere on the album, the pop star humorously refers to herself as a "sacred figure of male release".

Petras' straightforward lyrics reach their peak in Can We F***?, where she directly asks the provocative question six times. As she poses the question, Kim explains that she is not particular about the location: "Contact me after sunset / We can engage in it in the park / We can engage in it in the car / On the beach beneath the stars."

After the album was released on February 14, fans rushed to X, previously known as Twitter, to express their opinions on Kim's latest music.

One individual commented, "I apologize, but #SlutPopMiami is fantastic," while another person exclaimed, "The live performance of Head Head Honcho was absolutely legendary! @kimpetras, you will forever be a star [heart emoji] #kimpetras #slutpopmiami."

Another fan eagerly expressed their opinion about #SlutPopMiami, stating that it is a nonstop party that seamlessly continues from the first album. They described it as another lighthearted and enjoyable pop record.

Another fan compared the album to the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto" and expressed their excitement for it.

Released on Valentine's Day 2024, the album consists of a collection of daring and provocative songs. Produced by Dr. Luke, it serves as a follow-up to Petras' third EP, Slut Pop, which was released on February 11, 2022.

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