Boss discovers lunchtime camming side hustle
Feb 17 2024

A man claims he was fired from his aerospace engineering job due to his side job as an adult film star. The adult content creator, known as John Legendary, started filming amateur porn a year into his high-paying job at a prestigious defense contracting company.

Initially, his X-rated activities began as a hobby, where he engaged in sexual encounters with married women while their husbands filmed. However, he eventually realized he could make money by filming sex tapes. "I was participating in the hotwife lifestyle, having sex with wives while their husbands filmed me. It started as a weekend kink, but then I wondered what it would be like to have sex with pornstars and get paid for it," he explained.

John, an aerospace engineer, was already earning $150,000 a year but decided to take a pay cut from his previous jobs in order to work remotely from his home in Los Angeles. He mentioned that living in LA is expensive and believed that working remotely would give him the flexibility to earn more money through his risqué side job.

"I thought I could work as a porn star on the side and make some extra cash," he explained. John began filming explicit content for his OnlyFans account during his lunch breaks and weekends.

John was recently let go from his aerospace engineer position, with the reason given as "cost-cutting" measures. However, he believes that he was actually fired because his female supervisor discovered his online erotic presence.

According to John, his new senior supervisor kept hinting that he looked familiar and asked if they had met before. Despite only interacting with her through Zoom due to remote work, she continued to bring it up.

For the past two years, John has built a successful career in the porn industry. He received an AVN Award last year for Best Foursome/Orgy scene, often referred to as the "Oscars of porn", and in January he won another AVN Award for Favourite Male Indie Creator.

In 2023, John made an appearance on the online reality show For the Love of Lena, hosted by podcaster Adam 22 and his wife Lena The Plug. The show featured John and nine other men competing for the opportunity to have a threesome with the couple.

John believes that his appearance on the show may have led to his boss and co-workers finding out about his side gig. However, he claims that he was always transparent with his employer about his additional job and even signed a "conflict of interest" document.

According to John, he informed the company about his other job and specified that it was in a different industry.

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