Man labeled 'disgusting' for confessing to watching his sister's adult videos
Feb 23 2024

A streamer caused outrage after admitting to watching his sister's explicit content. Adin Ross confessed to viewing his sibling Naomi Ross's adult material during a lie detector test on his Kick channel.

The 23-year-old, known for streaming video games, has faced controversy before, including being banned from Twitch for "hateful conduct". Despite this, he has gained over a million followers on another platform.

During the recent segment, fellow streamer Silky asked Adin a series of extremely personal questions while he was connected to machines that would determine if he was being truthful.

However, it was one particular question during the Q&A that caused a stir on the internet with his response receiving backlash. Silky asked, "Have you ever watched more than 30 seconds of your sister's OnlyFans?"

Adin's response to the question has sparked controversy and criticism from viewers and fans alike, with many expressing their disappointment and disapproval of his actions.

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"Yes," Adin replied calmly, while Silky burst into laughter.

"Oh my goodness Adin, that's disgusting," he told the social media star.

A video of the incident quickly spread on X, previously known as Twitter, where users criticized him as "creepy" and "sick" for his confession.

"Why is he grinning about it as well," one user questioned.

One commenter pointed out that Adin has likely seen more than just 30 seconds of the clip, considering how many times people have tricked him into watching it. In August, Adin faced backlash when a fan tricked him into watching a naked clip of his sister for over eight seconds. During the fan's stream, the video suddenly switched to a nude clip of Naomi, catching Adin off guard. Despite his shocked reaction, some criticized him for not looking away or leaving the stream sooner.

Adin's sister, Naomi, aged 28, gained popularity when she began making appearances in Adin's livestreams.

In 2021, she found herself at the center of controversy when Adin claimed on social media that a YouTuber named Zias was involved romantically with her. However, it was later discovered to be a stunt for attention.

Naomi now has over 158,000 followers on Instagram and 20,000 subscribers on OnlyFans.

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