Eva Marie: From WWE to Racy Side Hustle
Feb 25 2024

Former WWE star Eva Marie once claimed she was the highest-paid female star in the company. However, she has since left the world of wrestling for a new career path, as well as a more risqué side gig.

Now 39 years old, Eva Marie, whose real name is Natalie Eva Marie Nelson, made a splash when she first joined WWE in 2013. With her striking red hair (now pink) and stunning figure, she quickly gained a reputation as one of the most attractive women in WWE history.

Despite her popularity, Eva Marie faced criticism for her wrestling skills. After being released from her contract twice, she decided to leave the wrestling world behind and pursue a career in Hollywood. In addition to acting, she now also has an OnlyFans account to supplement her income.

Interestingly, Eva originally aspired to be a professional football player, but her dreams were shattered by ligament injuries. She then pursued a degree in business management and moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling and acting.

Eva's career took a different turn when she stumbled upon a casting call for WWE's Diva Search in her city. After a successful four-week tryout, Eva, then 28, signed with WWE and made her debut on the reality show Total Divas in May 2013.

Over the next four years, Eva juggled competing on the main roster and WWE's NXT brand. However, in 2016, she was suspended for 30 days for violating WWE's Wellness Policy by testing positive for Adderall. Eva claimed she had a prescription for the medication but failed to submit the paperwork on time.

After a year of absence from WWE, Eva was released from her contract in 2017. During her time away from wrestling, she focused on pursuing an acting career.

In 2017, she landed a role in the thriller Inconceivable alongside Nicholas Cage, and in 2020, she starred with Bruce Willis in Hard Kill.

During an episode of WWE's Where Are They Now?, while filming the action movie, Eva mentioned that her wrestling background made the transition to acting feel "natural" for her.

She stated, "It just feels natural, anyone in WWE already possesses the skills needed for acting. You're used to performing live, which is much more challenging than being able to have multiple takes. On Monday Night Raw, there are no second chances."

In 2021, Eva rejoined WWE and made a surprise return on a spring episode of Raw. Unfortunately, her comeback was brief as she was released from her WWE contract for the second time a few months later due to the company's budget cuts.

Following her departure from WWE, Eva has focused on her acting career. In 2021, she appeared in the Amazon Prime series Paradise City, and last year she took on the lead role in the action film Phoenix.

Eva, known for flaunting her toned physique in revealing outfits, recently joined OnlyFans in 2021. She regularly shares exclusive content on the adult subscription platform, charging $25 a month for access. In June, she gave her Twitter followers a glimpse of her OnlyFans content with a steamy sauna selfie.

In addition to her work on OnlyFans, Eva co-hosts The Hopeaholics Podcast, where she interviews individuals who have overcome addiction. She has also launched her own businesses, including a fitness app called NEM (Natalie Eva Marie) and a sunglasses brand called NEM Fashion. Eva, who has been sober for 11 years, continues to pursue various ventures in addition to her acting career.

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