Playboy model's racy workout with friend sparks criticism from fans
Feb 26 2024

A Playboy model caused a stir among fans by straddling gym machines with a friend in a provocative workout video. Francia James, who has a massive following on social media, is known for her sexy posts.

This time, she was joined by fitness content creator Issa Vegas for a steamy gym session. However, some fans criticized their workout form in the video.

In the video, which has garnered over 183,000 likes, the duo were seen taking turns on the Dual Use Inner/Outer Thigh machine at their local gym. Instead of sitting on the seat provided and using the equipment as intended, they were kneeling on the pads and leaning over the chair.

They were observed opening and closing their legs to move the apparatus in and out. The model, known online as Francety, then asked followers in the caption: "Are we doing this exercise correctly?"

However, Instagram followers were divided on how to react to the provocative workout, with many fitness enthusiasts expressing concern that they were not using the machines properly. One user commented: "No, I regret to inform you that's the incorrect way to do it."

One person commented on the video, questioning why the exercise was being done in a different way than the machine was designed for. Another person pointed out that the exercise being performed was not the correct one.

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Despite the criticism, some viewers enjoyed the suggestive nature of the videos and expressed a desire to work out with the individuals in them. One viewer referred to them as "Fitness Queens," while another humorously suggested being underneath them to provide motivation and ensure correct technique. Others simply asked if they could join in on the workout.

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