Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' secret to a strong marriage
Feb 26 2024

Blake Lively has revealed the key to her and husband Ryan Reynolds' happy relationship is a simple rule they made when they first started dating. The couple, who have been married for almost 12 years, agreed not to work at the same time in order to prioritize their personal life and family. This rule has allowed them to always put each other first, even though it has been challenging to maintain a balance.

Blake shared this insight on her friend Amber Tamblyn's show Further Ado, explaining that when they first met on the set of Green Lantern in 2010, she was the one with the busier schedule due to filming Gossip Girl.

"I am accustomed to working tirelessly without stopping. During my time on Gossip Girl, we were often filming three episodes simultaneously over the course of six years," she reflected.

Blake and Ryan, who are also dedicated to raising their four children, have shared how they prioritize their family life despite their busy careers. In 2019, Ryan told People magazine, "Blake and I make sure not to work on movies at the same time."

The actor from Deadpool explained that if he and his wife are working on separate movie projects in different locations, they would rarely have the opportunity to see each other. They prefer to operate as a unit, keeping their family together.

Whether they are in Thailand, Vancouver, Spain, Utah, or New York, as long as they are together, they consider themselves to be at home.

Blake recently flaunted her chic mom style by sporting a Deadpool-themed friendship bracelet, inspired by her husband's famous anti-hero movie. The fashionable mother of four was Taylor Swift's companion at the Superbowl and mentioned it was her first time being away from her children.

She shared a photo on Instagram showcasing her trendy ensemble. Wearing a red Adidas x Balenciaga tracksuit with a crop top, the former Gossip Girl actress captioned her post: "Last week I had my first kid-free outing and rocked pants that doubled as shoes."

She playfully admitted: "I accidentally took pictures upside down without realizing it. I gave my husband a friendship bracelet as if it were a souvenir from '07. I borrowed so much jewelry that I looked like the skeleton from Pirates of the Caribbean. And to top it off, I even went clubbing. It felt like I was living in my own episode of the Twilight Zone."

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