Models' wild parties leave Hollywood mansion in disarray
Feb 26 2024

A couple was shocked to find out that the luxurious Hollywood home they were selling had been taken over by squatters who were renting rooms to adult models for their explicit content. Real estate agent Emily Randall Smith and her husband were preparing to sell a seven-bedroom mansion in the Hollywood Hills when they discovered the disturbing situation.

The couple found the lock box cut off and a new mailbox installed, indicating that someone had taken over the property. When Emily's husband found a man sleeping inside the house, they called the police, who were unable to remove the squatter.

After waiting for the man to leave on his own, Emily and her husband called the police again, only to discover that their luxury home had been taken over by squatters. The ringleader had allegedly created a fake lease to establish his own business on the property, renting rooms to OnlyFans creators for filming their explicit content.

Emily recounted how the police knocked on the door and were greeted by an OnlyFans model who revealed that the man had started a business renting out rooms to the girls.

After being escorted outside by police, the woman and her dog watched as all the squatters' belongings were removed from the home. However, Emily's nightmare was far from over. Upon entering the 9,000-square-foot property, which had been listed for sale just a month prior, they were confronted with a disturbing scene. The squatters had allegedly been hosting wild parties inside.

"There was feces and urine scattered everywhere. They had severed all the cords to the security systems and installed their own Wi-Fi. It seemed like they were planning to take up residence there," Emily recounted.

In January, squatters were reportedly living in Emily's property for two weeks. Despite no arrests being made by the police, Emily, who feels a sense of responsibility for the home, hopes the culprit is caught. "It's unsettling to think that someone entered your property and attempted to make it their own," she said.

She advised homeowners with vacant properties to ensure that locks, security systems, and cameras are functioning properly and that the property is checked regularly.

The rising rental prices in California are leading to a growing homeless population, with real estate agents and landlords reporting an increase in squatters. Alex Capozzolo, of the California homebuying company SD House Guys, stated that landlords are now looking for properties outside of the state to avoid the risk of squatters.

According to Capozzolo, "The issue of squatters is worsening in California. We have seen multiple rental properties where tenants have stopped paying rent and started squatting. Evicting them is not always easy. That's why we are now considering purchasing properties outside of California."

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