Netflix's 'Scariest Horror Movie' Only 1 in 100 Can Make It Through
Feb 26 2024

There is a horror film on Netflix that is so terrifying that reportedly only one out of every 100 people can make it all the way through. The film, Veronica, was released in 2017 and added to Netflix a year later. It follows a teenage girl in Madrid in 1991 who is looking after her younger siblings at home. After fooling around with a Ouija board and holding a séance at school, she unknowingly invites a dark force into her house.

According to Netflix, only one in 100 people managed to watch the entire film, with many viewers sharing their fear on social media. One viewer wrote, "Veronica on Netflix was based on a true story and if that doesn't freak you out a little you may need Jesus." Another viewer admitted, "Okay I'm watching Veronica on my own. I've nearly had to turn it off twice... I'm only halfway through." And another viewer said, "Umm just watched the Spanish horror movie on Netflix Veronica and I legit almost cried because it's so scary, holy sh**. That was a well-done possession movie. Never sleeping again."

One social media user shared their experience watching Veronica on Netflix, mentioning their interest in anything Paco Plaza is involved in due to being a fan of REC. However, they were so scared by a scene with a demon walking down the hallway that they had to turn it off.

The movie is based on the true story of Estefania Gutierrez Lazaro, who took part in a Ouija board ritual at school in an attempt to contact the deceased boyfriend of a friend. During the ritual, a nun disrupted the session and destroyed the board, supposedly releasing a mysterious smoke that entered Estefania through her nostrils.

Just a few months later, Estefania passed away in the hospital from a sudden and unexplained respiratory issue, which her family found suspicious. In the days leading up to her death, she was distressed and claimed to have seen strange shadows and heard voices, convinced that she was being followed by something malevolent.

Her mother reported that Estefania began speaking in unknown languages and had foam coming from her mouth and nose. There were rumors that she had scratches on her skin and even allegedly levitated at times. Some believe that the Ouija board she used was possessed by the spirit of her deceased grandfather, adding to the mystery surrounding her tragic death.

Concepción, the mother of Estefania, claimed that her late husband's final wish was to torment their family from beyond the grave. Witnesses reported seeing Concepción being possessed by a demonic presence believed to be her husband. Even the police reported hearing strange noises coming from the girl's house, along with unexplained stains and damage to religious symbols.

Estefania, who was born in 1973, passed away at the age of 18, and her story became infamous as the Vallecas Case.

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