Playboy model criticizes Leonardo DiCaprio's strange kissing habits
Mar 01 2024

The unusual bedroom habits of Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio have been revealed. The 49-year-old actor, known for his relationships with younger women, has been seen with many beautiful women over the years. However, one potential lover was left disappointed.

Playboy model Hieke Kongins, 22, claimed that she shared a kiss with Leonardo at a secret invite-only LA nightclub, but she described the kiss as "not the best." In addition to criticizing his kissing skills, she also disclosed that he has some peculiar habits in the bedroom, such as wearing headphones during sex. In an interview with the Dutch edition of Playboy, blonde bombshell Hieke shared that Leo's manager approached her and said that the star wanted to "talk" to her.

The couple engaged in conversation and later shared a kiss after discussing his attraction to younger women, to which he admitted feeling "guilty".

She described seeing him in his black hoodie and cap, making eye contact, but the kiss was not the best she had experienced.

Despite declining his offer to go back to his place, Hieke mentioned that Leonardo was "very shocked" but responded kindly.

However, she alleged that he later took another girl home.

While she did not go further with the Titanic star, she mentioned knowing people who have.

She stated that one friend mentioned keeping his earphones in during sex because he didn't want to hear her, while another friend even placed a pillow over her head. She concluded that Leo is too strange and too old.

These comments follow reports that Leo also enjoys "vaping" during sexual activity. In 2016, there were claims about Leo's unconventional preferences, with one source, who claimed to be the best friend of a woman who had been intimate with Leo, alleging that he is a "selfish" lover.

According to the source, Leonardo DiCaprio was described as selfish, lazy, and rude. A friend revealed that during their encounter, Leo put on headphones and began vaping, signaling for his partner to continue while he laid back and seemed disengaged.

The woman felt confused and embarrassed by the situation, hoping for a change. However, Leo remained unresponsive, listening to music and leaving his date wondering about the purpose of their interaction.

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