Bianca Censori's Dad Disapproves of 'Trashy' Half-Naked Outfits
Mar 01 2024

Bianca Censori's father, Leo, is reportedly displeased with her husband Kanye West and is eager to confront him about his daughter's recent fashion choices. Bianca, 29, caused a stir at Paris Fashion Week by wearing see-through tights without underwear and a sheer blue crop top that exposed her nipples. Sources have revealed to the Daily Mail that Leo is furious about the situation.

According to the source, Leo is determined to have a serious conversation with Kanye to question his judgment in allowing Bianca to dress in such revealing outfits. He is said to be planning to ask Kanye how he would feel if his own daughters, North and Chicago, were seen in public dressed similarly at the encouragement of their husbands. The source also mentioned that Kanye would never permit his own daughters to dress in such a manner, making it puzzling why he would endorse Bianca's choices.

They stated: "Leo sincerely wants to have a conversation with Kanye to explain how he is negatively impacting her family by transforming his own daughter into a cheaply marketable object." It has also been alleged that Kanye is isolating Bianca from her own family.

They expressed their anger: "This is not love. This is manipulation." Kanye has supposedly set "rules" for his wife to adhere to, dictating what she should wear, eat, and even instructing her to remain silent. Earlier this year on Instagram, he shared revealing photos of Bianca with the caption: "No pants this year."

Leo, also known as Elia Censori, was given a significant prison term in 1982 for possessing heroin and a loaded gun. He was sentenced to five years in prison, with a mandatory minimum of three years to be served.

Leo is the brother of Eris Censori, who is known as a notorious gangland killer called 'Melbourne's Al Capone'. Eris was initially sentenced to death for murder, but this was later changed to life imprisonment when the death penalty was suspended in the country.

Eris was convicted of killing a waiter named Michael Sideris and was also charged with heroin trafficking, resulting in prison time and fines. In 1985, he was cleared of allegations of participating in a cannabis smuggling scheme at Albany Prison.

The oldest sibling, Edmondo, also known as 'Eddie Capone,' has a criminal record that includes assaulting police officers, theft, and making threats.

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