Alaia Bieber arrested for throwing used tampon at bartender
Mar 01 2024

Alaia Baldwin Aronow, the sister of Hailey Bieber, was recently arrested after an alleged altercation at Club Elan in Savannah, Georgia. The 31-year-old influencer is accused of attacking three staff members and throwing a used tampon at a bartender.

The club owner called 911 to report the incident, stating that Alaia refused to leave after entering an employees-only bathroom. When asked to use the public restroom, Alaia reportedly became aggressive and pulled the hair of a security guard who tried to restrain her.

Alaia has been accused of kicking a guard in the groin after he did the same to her. Another employee encountered Alaia in the bathroom, where she allegedly needed to vomit and change her tampon. The bartender tried to be discreet and assist Alaia, but she reportedly threw a tampon at the bartender when she returned to check on her. Eventually, security was able to control Alaia and escort her out of the building. Alaia told the responding officer that she was simply defending herself.

TMZ also reported that Alaia informed the officer that the entire incident had been exaggerated. The model was taken into custody on multiple charges, including assault, simple battery, battery, and trespassing.

Alaia is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin and Kennya Baldwin, as well as the older sister of Hailey. Her arrest follows her father Stephen's plea for prayers for Hailey and her husband Justin Bieber.

Stephen, 57, shared a video of Justin singing, originally posted by All Things Possible Ministries founder Victor Marx. The caption read: "Christians, please remember Justin & Hailey in your prayers, asking for wisdom, protection, and a closer relationship with the Lord."

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