Confidence is key in making money from sexy snaps
Mar 02 2024

A provocative model is offering assistance to fellow sex industry workers because she believes there are no comprehensive guides available. Rebekka Blue, who describes herself as a 'slutrepreneur', has gained attention for profiting from selling various body products and parts.

The 30-year-old accepts requests for items such as used underwear, socks, shoes, nails, belly button fluff, and even chewed-up food. Despite her unconventional business ventures, Blue primarily earns a substantial income from her work in the adult entertainment industry.

She claims to make tens of thousands of dollars annually from her provocative activities, but also diversifies her income streams to mitigate risks. In addition to her adult work, Blue has found success as an influencer with over 2 million followers on her social media platforms.

Rebekka has her own Amazon store and a risqué 'toy' store called Horny Stoner. But one of her greatest joys is providing advice to others in the adult industry. She has written a book called Slutrepreneur's Secrets, which quickly sold out and is now in its fourth edition.

Rebekka also hosts her own podcast, the Professional Goddess Podcast, where she educates women about the industry and the safety tools available.

"Prior to entering the industry, individuals should familiarize themselves with tools such as VPNs, anonymous email addresses, and methods to conceal their return address. This is crucial in safeguarding against potential stalkers, particularly those who operate online.

There are numerous factors to consider in order to protect oneself before delving into this field. It is essential to be mindful of the implications on one's current family and future career prospects when deciding to establish an online presence. Making the decision to share sexual content on the internet requires a strong sense of confidence, as one's digital footprint is permanent."

Before committing to something like this, you must be willing to take the risk of being blackmailed, stalked, or rejected, all of which can be extremely uncomfortable. Rebekka believed that in order for her followers to succeed, she needed to educate them and show that she was not just seeking attention and popularity.

Rebekka has found happiness in reading the success stories of those who have followed her advice.

"Making a difference in someone's life by helping them provide for their family or spend more time at home, especially single mothers like my own, is truly meaningful. Knowing that I have positively impacted someone's future in this way is far more impactful than any material gift could ever be."

Rebekka mentioned that individuals in the adult entertainment industry, whom she refers to as 'spicy workers' and 'mattress actresses', seek her out for support and advice, forming a supportive community where they share tips and help each other.

"It is challenging because social media does not fully embrace sex workers," she explained. "Therefore, it is comforting to know that we can support each other. There is no formal training or guide on how to navigate this industry."

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