Adult star Belle Delphine offers extracted tooth as prize for guessing 'blinks'
Mar 19 2024

Adult entertainer Belle Delphine has challenged her followers to guess the number of "blinks" in a video, with an extracted tooth as the prize. The British social media personality, known for her controversial stunts like selling used bathwater, made the unusual offer on X, formerly Twitter.

In the video, she can be seen miming along to a song from the popular animated series Adventure Time. Delphine chose a track sung by the character Marceline the Vampire Queen, and showcased her cosplay skills by embodying the fun-loving 1000-year-old character.

Belle asked her followers in a post: "How many times do I blink in this video?" She then upped the ante by offering her self-extracted tooth to the winner. Despite the unusual prize, Belle's followers eagerly participated in the challenge, sharing their blink tallies.

Some viewers, however, were more focused on Belle's beauty, with one commenting on how her eyes made their heart flutter and another expressing admiration for her beauty.

Despite one viewer's detailed analysis of the video, pointing out seven eye twitches and considering the black screen at the end as an additional "blink," the internet personality has amassed a significant net worth by selling used bathwater and OnlyFans subscriptions to her large online following.

With over 3.1 million Instagram followers, she was reportedly earning more than £750,000 a month from selling homemade porn and nude photos.

Even though she left school at the age of 14, the model has successfully promoted herself and earned millions thanks to her innate business acumen.