"Megan Fox lookalike earns $30k monthly going topless for men"
Mar 23 2024

A British woman is earning a substantial income by impersonating a famous Hollywood actress after leaving her job at Costa Coffee.

Taylor Ryan, 26, is making up to $30,000 per month by impersonating Megan Fox. She left her job at Costa Coffee in 2020 to pursue a full-time career as a celebrity double, fulfilling fan requests for a significant fee.

Despite enjoying her work, Taylor admits that it is more challenging than people realize. She often works long hours, sometimes up to 13 hours a day, and even films specialized videos on weekends.

Taylor stated, "There is a lot of hard work involved. It's very time-consuming. I even fulfill requests on weekends, so my schedule is quite hectic."

Initially starting on the adult site OnlyFans in 2018, Taylor's resemblance to Megan Fox caught the attention of her friends. She then decided to focus on impersonating the actress, adopting her signature winged eyeliner and leather outfits. This decision led to a surge in her online popularity, with Taylor now creating personalized videos for fans, including reenacting some of Megan Fox's more provocative scenes.

Taylor revealed that she once received a request to wear the same outfit as Megan Fox - a bra top and short denim shorts - and bend over a car bonnet to open it, for which she was paid $300. She also mentioned that many of her clients ask her to sit topless in a car and play with her breasts.

Diagnosed with autism in October of last year, Taylor explained that her condition means that her clients have to be very direct with their requests, as she may not understand what they want otherwise. She stated, "I can be quite offensive at times, but now I have an explanation. It's not me - it's the autism."

Taylor further elaborated, "It's hard to explain, but I struggle to comprehend people's emotions. My clients have to be extremely clear about their needs, or I simply won't understand." Despite the challenges she faces, Taylor expressed that she had always suspected she was autistic, and receiving the diagnosis was simply confirmation. She added, "I don't view it as a negative thing."

Admitting she can be quite direct, the bold star acknowledges her tendency to say things like "God, your top is ugly" before realizing that's not how most people communicate. Despite this, she doesn't view her straightforwardness as a negative trait, believing that life would be dull if everyone acted the same way.

Taylor mentioned that her typical workdays span nine hours, often becoming overwhelmed with administrative tasks. However, she expressed her love for the process of getting ready and seeing the final look come together. Enjoying the glamming up part of her job, she described listening to music, sipping on coffee, and relishing in the transformation.