The Glamorous Life of a Playboy Model Mom
Mar 26 2024

A former salon owner turned Playboy model, Sara Blake Cheek, 33, opens up about how her career change has affected her family life.

After her hair business closed during the pandemic, Sara decided to pursue modeling, which has brought her unexpected wealth and recognition, including being named in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

Despite facing discrimination and challenges, such as her son being banned from the ice rink, Sara believes that the benefits of her career outweigh the negatives.

She shared, “It’s changed everything for us. My kids have a unique and exciting life, witnessing their mom win awards, appear on magazine covers, and meet their idols."

Living on a six-acre million-dollar ranch in Florida, Sara's success has allowed her blue-collar husband to spend more time with their children, moving away from his previous job in the trucking industry.

While Sara joined OnlyFans in 2020 for financial security, she prioritizes her children by working when they are not at home and focusing on them when they are present.

She emphasized, “Being the best mom is my priority, and I make decisions based on that."

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