Kim Zolciak's Financial Woes Continue Amid Divorce
Apr 02 2024

Kim Zolciak finds herself entangled in financial difficulties as her divorce from Kroy Biermann unfolds. In a recent development, she has requested a financial protective order to safeguard her personal information from public disclosure.

Legal documents reveal that Kim is awaiting a ruling on her request, emphasizing her willingness to engage in the necessary legal processes while maintaining privacy. The reality star's mounting debt and rumored gambling addiction have added further complications to her already tumultuous situation.

Amidst these challenges, speculations arise about a potential new reality show featuring Kim and her daughters. Reports suggest that they have been filming a sizzle reel for a series that could delve into Kim's divorce and financial struggles if picked up by a network.

However, Kroy Biermann and their biological children are not expected to be part of the proposed show, signaling a focus on Kim's individual journey. While details remain scarce about the potential series, viewers can anticipate seeing Kim on the upcoming season of "The Surreal Life."

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