Model's Controversial Confessions Shake Up the Industry
Apr 03 2024

An influencer recently made headlines during a podcast interview where she shared shocking revelations about her interactions with celebrities. Celina Powell confessed to having intimate relationships with a long list of rappers, and even went as far as to fake pregnancy tests to deceive some of them.

One of the most infamous incidents involved a false claim of being pregnant by Cardi B's boyfriend Offset, which sparked a heated exchange on social media. Reports have also surfaced about similar "pranks" played on other rappers in the industry.

Despite her controversial actions, Celina admitted to not using any form of birth control, revealing that she doesn't feel ready to care for a child at this point in her life. "I don't think I'm mature enough to handle having a baby right now," she confessed.

The influencer, known for her trouble-stirring reputation, has been involved in public feuds with other personalities, including a dispute with adult podcaster Lena the Plug over her interest in Lena's husband. She recounted a situation where she expressed her desire to be intimate with him, causing tension between the women.

In a surprising turn of events, Celina participated in an explicit scene for a podcast, despite her aversion to engaging in sexual activities with women. She shared her disdain for such interactions, citing it as "disgusting." However, she did reveal a past encounter with a female inmate during her time in prison.

Despite her varied experiences, Celina emphasized her preference for relationships with men. She also touched on personal tattoos and memories associated with her past encounters.