Netflix's The Circle Introduces AI Catfish in Season 6
Apr 05 2024

Reality show The Circle is back with a bang as TV bosses unveil a new twist for Season 6.

The Netflix competition series returns with contestants vying to become the top influencer in the ultimate social media challenge. Hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau, the players strategize and plot their way to win a cash prize of $100,000.

This season, a game-changing twist has been introduced - an AI bot named Max will enter the game as the ultimate catfish. Will the metal menace outsmart the human players or will they be able to detect the artificial intelligence?

The Circle Season 6 premieres with the first four episodes on April 17, followed by four new episodes every Wednesday until the season finale on May 8. Catfishing has been a prevalent strategy in the game since its inception.

Max, the AI bot, has been designed to blend in seamlessly with the human players. He is a 26-year-old veterinary intern from the Midwest, carefully crafted to appear relatable and likable. Drawing inspiration from past competitors, Max aims to become the most popular player in the game.

Max's profile picture holding a dog is a strategic move, as photos with dogs tend to receive more likes on social media. However, despite his programming and research, Max has limited information about the other players and will rely on genuine connections to progress in the game.

The Circle Season 6 promises excitement and suspense as human players navigate the challenges posed by the AI catfish. Tune in to Netflix on April 17 to witness the drama unfold!