Netflix Tiger King stars explore new ventures after show success
Apr 05 2024

Past stars of the Tiger King series are embarking on new and unconventional career paths following the success of the show in 2020.

Jeff Lowe, 56, and his wife Lauren, 33, known for their roles in the Netflix series as adversaries of Joe Exotic, are now offering unique experiences and products to their fans.

The couple is currently promoting a night out with them, including bar hopping and club hopping, along with a steak dinner and drinks, for a fee of £2k. They assure that the evening is strictly non-sexual and offer two complimentary bottles as part of the package.

Additionally, Lauren sells her used underwear for £118, with free shipping included. She also provides racy photos through an adult website, as well as facetime and phone call sessions for interested followers.

During their time on the show, Jeff and Lauren openly discussed their open relationship and participation in swingers parties in Las Vegas, often accompanied by tiger cubs to attract new acquaintances.

Jeff, who played a significant role in Joe Exotic's legal troubles, thwarted a murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin by alerting her and the authorities.

On their website, the couple features a satirical OnlyFans account dedicated to Joe Exotic, offering viewers access to "unbelievable" videos of the self-proclaimed Tiger King.

Recently, Jeff posted images on Instagram showcasing Joe Exotic in a thong while petting a kangaroo, labeling him a "pervert" and teasing more similar content on the fake OnlyFans page.

Addressing rumors about a past relationship with Carole Baskin, Jeff dismissed them as false, stating, "I’ve never had sexual relations with Carole. People are saying it is my ex-wife. But I would not stoop that low. I don’t hang with ugly women."