Celebrities who passed away with financial struggles
Apr 07 2024

Some of the most iconic celebrities in history faced financial struggles before their passing.

Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Judy Garland all achieved immense success during their careers, amassing significant wealth. However, their financial situations took a turn for the worse towards the end of their lives, leaving them with little to no money and debts amounting to millions.

Despite selling millions of records worldwide and winning numerous awards, Michael Jackson was reportedly bankrupt and in debt when he passed away in 2009.

Similarly, Marvin Gaye, a Motown legend, had accumulated millions of dollars in debt before his tragic death in 1984.

Judy Garland, known for her role in The Wizard of Oz, struggled with addiction and financial hardships, ultimately passing away with significant debts.

Whitney Houston, a six-time Grammy winner, found herself in debt despite her successful music career.

Billie Holiday, a renowned jazz singer, died with only one dollar in her bank account, highlighting her financial struggles.

Mickey Rooney, a beloved child star, faced bankruptcy following multiple divorces and financial mismanagement.

Sammy Davis Jr, part of the Rat Pack, left behind a sizable estate but owed millions in taxes at the time of his death.

Corey Haim, known for his role in Lost Boys, battled drug addiction and financial difficulties throughout his life.

The tragic story of Bobby Driscoll, a former child star, serves as a reminder of the challenges many celebrities face behind the scenes.

These celebrities' financial struggles shed light on the harsh realities of fame and fortune, reminding us that success in the spotlight does not always guarantee financial security.