Family Feud: Noah Cyrus Supports Liam Hemsworth Amidst Family Disagreement
Apr 08 2024

Noah Cyrus, the sibling of Miley Cyrus, has shown unexpected support for her ex-brother-in-law, Liam Hemsworth, by liking his recent attractive Instagram post amidst a family disagreement.

The 34-year-old actor caught the attention of his followers with his latest Instagram post, showcasing his toned muscles after a gym session. Alongside the enticing photos, he expressed his gratitude saying, "A massive thank you to everyone that has watched Land of Bad! The feedback has been awesome. Extremely grateful for all the love and support!"

In the picture, Liam can be seen wearing a vest, flexing his biceps. The post garnered over 370,000 likes, one of which was from Noah, his former sister-in-law.

However, Noah later unliked the image, according to reports from the Mirror. Liam and Miley had initially gotten engaged in May 2012 but ultimately decided to end their relationship in September 2013.

They rekindled their romance three years later in March 2016, leading to their marriage in December 2018. Just eight months later, Miley announced their separation, and their divorce was finalized by January 28, 2020.

There have been rumors circulating that Tish Cyrus, Noah's mother, started a relationship with Dominic Purcell while he was dating her daughter. Subsequently, Tish and Dominic got married in August of the following year.

It has been speculated that Noah did not attend the wedding due to not receiving an invitation. Reports suggest that Tish went so far as to hire bodyguards to keep her own daughter away from the ceremony.

The wedding, held in Miley's backyard with only a select guest list, has apparently not led to any reconciliation between Tish and her daughter.

Noah is reportedly refusing to communicate with her sister Miley amidst this family drama. Sources close to the situation have revealed that Miley is deeply upset by the ongoing feud between her mother and sister, stating, "Miley is devastated her family's been torn apart."

An insider shared with Us Weekly that Miley is trying her best to mend the rift between her mother and sister, but her efforts seem to be futile. The source confirmed that the family conflict is now deemed "beyond repair this time."

Tish, who was allegedly involved in a situation with Noah's current husband Dominic Purcell, publicly celebrated their commitment through marriage in 2022. However, recent revelations suggest that Dominic and Noah were romantically linked when Tish pursued him.

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