Justin Bieber opens up about his desire to protect Billie Eilish from the dark side of fame
Apr 09 2024

A recently surfaced clip has shown pop sensation Justin Bieber getting emotional as he discusses his strong desire to protect fellow musician Billie Eilish from the negative aspects of fame.

The clip comes from an interview where Bieber opened up to Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1 while promoting his album 'Changes'.

During the conversation, Bieber talked about his friendship with Eilish, revealing that he feels a sense of protectiveness towards her.

Reflecting on his own experiences in the music industry, Bieber shared how he faced struggles as a young artist, dealing with the fickleness of fame and the challenges that came with it.

Expressing his concerns for Eilish, Bieber stated, "I just want to protect her. I don't want her to go through anything I went through. If she ever needs me, I'm just a call away."

Bieber, who rose to fame at a young age, has been open about his own battles with legal issues, depression, and anxiety throughout his career.

Aside from this emotional interview, a throwback clip featuring Bieber and Diddy has also resurfaced, showing a young Bieber spending time with the music mogul.

In the clip, Diddy mentions their plans for the next couple of days, hinting at a fun-filled time ahead for the young star.

Overall, Bieber's candid emotions and protective instincts towards Eilish offer a glimpse into the challenges and responsibilities that come with fame in the music industry.