Paris Hilton stuns in floral dress as she introduces baby girl
Apr 20 2024

Paris Hilton dazzled fans with her fashion choice as she proudly revealed the first images of her baby girl.

The socialite welcomed her son Phoenix earlier this year via a surrogate, and surprised everyone with the news of her daughter London's arrival towards the end of the year. Paris had always envisioned having a daughter named London, and finally, her dream came true.

In the photos shared on Instagram, Paris is seen wearing a stunning high-necked floral dress, while baby London is adorable in a pink dress with a matching bow on her head, sitting on her mother's lap.

The family also posed for a picture-perfect moment on a picnic blanket, capturing the sunset in the background. Another snap shows Paris playing with her son Phoenix, showcasing the bliss of motherhood.

Introducing London Marilyn Hilton-Reum, Paris expressed her gratitude for the precious moments spent with her children. She shared that her journey through motherhood inspired a heartfelt song with Sia called "Fame Won't Love You," emphasizing the importance of cherished relationships over fame.

The emotional anthem encourages listeners to hold onto their most sacred connections, whether with family, friends, or themselves. Paris hopes that the song resonates with others as much as it does with her, encouraging them to prioritize those meaningful bonds in their lives.

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