Tina Knowles Reflects on Beyoncé's Childhood Struggles and Triumphs
May 28 2024

Tina Knowles, mother of music icon Beyoncé, recently shared heartfelt insights into her daughters' upbringing in a touching video for Vogue. In the video, Tina revealed that Beyoncé, known for her fierce stage presence as Queen Bee, was once a shy child who faced bullying. Despite these challenges, Tina recalled a moment when Beyoncé stood up for someone else, showcasing her compassion and strength.

Reflecting on her other daughter, Solange, Tina described her as an "activist," highlighting the diverse personalities within her family. She also spoke fondly of Kelly Rowland, whom she considers a daughter figure. Tina praised Kelly for her role as a peacemaker and protector, emphasizing the unique qualities each of her daughters possesses.

In a touching caption accompanying the video, Tina emphasized the importance of understanding and respecting each child's individuality. She encouraged parents to focus on praising their children's positive attributes and unique differences, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment.

Tina's unwavering support for her daughters was further evident when she defended Kelly Rowland following a recent incident at the Cannes Film Festival. Sharing a glamorous video of Kelly, Tina celebrated her beauty and grace, showcasing her loyalty and admiration for the Destiny's Child alum.

Known for her fierce protectiveness, Tina has previously stood up to critics who targeted Beyoncé, showcasing her dedication to her daughters. With a deep bond with Beyoncé and Solange, Tina continues to champion their individuality and talents, creating a loving and supportive family dynamic.

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