Taylor Swift Shows Support for Cara Delevingne at London Theater
Jun 01 2024

Taylor Swift made a special appearance at London's West End to support her close friend Cara Delevingne during her final performance in "Cabaret" at the Playhouse Theater's Kit Kat Club. The pop superstar reportedly attended the show while on a brief break from her highly successful Eras Tour.

Arthur Jones, the head of marketing at the theater, confirmed Taylor Swift's attendance, describing the night as "special" as it marked Delevingne's farewell as Sally Bowles.

Swift, who had just wrapped up two electrifying Eras Tour shows in Spain, jetted off to London to show her support for Delevingne. The singer expressed her gratitude to her fans in Madrid on Instagram, sharing her excitement for the magical nights spent dancing and singing with passionate crowds.

Following her time in London, Taylor Swift is set to continue her tour with upcoming concerts in Lyon, France, and Scotland before returning to England. Meanwhile, Delevingne, who has been friends with Swift for over a decade, attended the Eras Tour shows in New Jersey and Arizona in 2023.

Delevingne's run in "Cabaret" began in March, coinciding with a tragic event when her Los Angeles mansion was destroyed in a fire. Despite the devastation, the model shared a heartfelt message on social media, urging everyone to cherish what they have as life can change in an instant.

Delevingne's father, Charles Delevingne, revealed that the fire was believed to be caused by an electrical issue. He and his wife, Pandora Delevingne, rushed to their daughter's side after the incident, emphasizing the importance of family support during challenging times.

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