Celebs Who Lost A Ton Of Money In 2020
Dec 29 2020
2020 hasn't been a great year for anyone, and while most celebrities have escaped the year pretty much unharmed, financially speaking, some haven't been so lucky. From riches to relative rags, these are the celebs who lost a ton of money in 2020.

Although it may seem like a hundred years ago that everyone was talking about Tiger King, the truth is that all happened as recently as March 2020. And although it feels like we've lived through what feels like a hundred Marches since then, Joe Exotic himself only rose to fame just as the pandemic took hold. Since then, the zookeeper's career has peaked… and plummeted again. C'est la vie, eh, Joe?

Although it's unclear how much the convict made from his documentary, his net worth has reportedly sunk to negative $1 million since then, and he has few hopes of getting back on his feet — not for the next 22 years, at least.

The story began when Exotic was ordered to pay $1 million to his mortal enemy Carole Baskin following a 2013 decision in a trademark-infringement lawsuit. So Exotic hired a wannabe hitman to kill Baskin for $3000. As you do.

Baskin is still kicking, of course, and Exotic is currently serving 22 years in prison. He was sentenced in January 2020 after being found guilty of 19 different charges, including violating numerous wildlife laws and Baskin's "murder-for-hire plot." Though he's currently said to be begging Donald Trump for a pardon, the fallen star has been unable to capitalize on his newfound fame from behind bars — and is likely missing out on a huge chunk of change as a result.

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