I Run A $1M Instagram Business | BLING LIFE
Oct 08 2021
AT JUST 26 years old, Adam Mark is running a million dollar Instagram business. His stellar rise to success started back at university, when he launched a fashion Instagram blog. It started out as a hobby, but the page blew up and he quickly amassed a large following. Realising there was real money to be made from social media, Adam began using the same methods to help other pages grow their own followings. Around seven years ago, he officially launched his own company Social Kick. Thanks to Adam’s foresight and hard work he now gets to enjoy the finer things in life, like eating at boujee restaurants, buying designer clothes and travelling the world. Adam said: “I’m so grateful for where I am in life, and the thing I value most is freedom.” Today, Truly meets Adam whilst he’s in London staying at his £1.1m apartment, where he meets up with a friend, who has a surprise for him...

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