My Dad, the Dictator: Life As Idi Amin's Son (Family Documentary) | Real Stories
Oct 21 2023
More than 30 years after the tragic events the son of Idi Amin meets the son of Oboth Ofumbi in Uganda and the most unpredictable journey of their lives begins... They leave Kampala for Kidepo National Park as they currently work for the same businessman who is planning to turn of Idi Amin's megalomanic dreams into reality: a huge hotel in the game park. After traveling day and night they arrive at the park. In the next few days, they go on safaris to discover the park, visit the structure of the hotel and most importantly start sharing their memories with each other from their childhood to the tragedy... Eventually, Ofumbi's son invites Amin's son to his family ranch where a tribal, religious and family reconciliation takes place with Muslim, Christian and local community leaders according to African traditions.

Children of Dictators presents some of the most influential dictators of the 20th century through the eyes of their children and relatives. The documentary series shares rarely-seen personal perspectives of history and offers a deeper understanding of the most feared leaders in the world, while focusing on the portraits of their children. The filmmakers worked without a crew and just two small broadcast cameras, giving them exclusive access to children of dictators, namely Lucia Pinochet in Chile, Jaffar Amin in Uganda, Bettina Goering in Germany and Fidel Castro's daughter in Miami.

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