Dua Lipa on 'Houdini', meeting Margot Robbie, the Barbie movie and fangirling for Olivia Rodrigo!
Nov 13 2023
In this Capital Breakfast interview, Dua Lipa stopped by to chat with Roman, Sian and Chris about her new single, 'Houdini', the first track to be released from her brand new era!

Dua also dropped some teases about what we can expect from her new album and how its sound differs from her hugely successful 'Future Nostalgia'. Whilst she was in, we couldn't not ask Dua about her massive cameo in this year's biggest film, 'Barbie' and her hit single 'Dance The Night' from its soundtrack. Roman and Dua also bonded over the nicknames Elton John has given each of them.

We also got some of Dua Lipa's cutest fans to ask her their biggest questions, where Dua reveals her love for Olivia Rodrigo.

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