Singer and Tuthill's ULTIMATE off-road 911 driven!
Dec 03 2023
Imagine funds weren’t an issue and you wanted to build the ultimate off-road 911 – who would you call first? Well, if you want it to look exquisite and be ready for anything up to and including the Dakar Rally, you want it designed by Singer and engineered by Tuthill Porsche. That’s what the ACS is, and that's what Jack Rix is here to drive.

ALSO IN EPISODE THREE: Jethro asks a very important question: “Where did all the manuals go?” Because the rise of the EV and the proliferation of the auto has seen manuals all but disappear from UK shores. America, on the other hand, is positively rolling in them.

So we grabbed two of the most exciting manuals on sale in the US that we don’t get back in Blighty, and set about proving once and for all that manual beats auto...


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