VOLCANO BLOOD SWIMWEAR 2024 Fashion Show | Grand Canary Island Swim Week 2023
Jan 06 2024
Join us for the 2023 Swim Week on the beautiful Canary Islands as we reveal the captivating "Mystic Island" collection by Volcano Blood. This swimwear and bikini brand is revolutionizing beachwear fashion with its unique designs and lifestyle approach.

The creative force behind Volcano Blood is Karen, a designer with a deep love for beach life, sunsets, and bikinis. Her brand is more than just swimwear; it's a celebration of simple pleasures, laughter, and friendship.

Sheila, Karen's partner in design, shares her passion for island life and the beauty of the Canary Islands. Together, they meticulously craft each piece, creating exclusive lines that feature unique garments. Volcano Blood is more than a brand; it's a dedicated team, the "Volcano Team," committed to making dreams a reality.

The "Mystic Island" collection invites you on a journey to a sacred island filled with mythical creatures and marine treasures. Experience the magic of natural stones, sunrises, and sunsets that imbue this mystical island with color and spirituality.

Explore the connection between the soul and divinity through fashion and style with Volcano Blood during the 2023 Swim Week. Let's make this event unforgettable with the "Mystic Island" collection.

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