Jeremy Allen White Gets Ready for the Golden Globes | Vogue
Jan 09 2024
Join 'The Bear' star Jeremy Allen White as he prepares for the Golden Globes, donned in a stylish Calvin Klein outfit. The actor, who later clinched the 'Best Actor' award, discusses his popular underwear campaign, his tattoos, and his bond with his character Carmy from 'The Bear.'

The video is directed by Nina Ljeti, with Brandon Somerhalder as the Director Of Photography. Evan Allan edited the video, and Gigi Chavarria produced it. The creative development was overseen by Alexandra Gurvitch. The audio was managed by Gloria Marie, with assistance from Brandon Greenstone and Meriel O'Connell on the camera.

The production team included Brock Spitaels, Ava Kashar, Natasha Soto-Albors, Romeeka Powell, Jessica Schier, Fynn Lithgow, Jovan James, Erica DeLeo, Edward Taylor, Lauren Mendoza, Rahel Gebreyes, Linda Gittleson, and Ruhiya Nuruddin. The video features images from Calvin Klein, 'The Bear,' and FX, and was filmed at The West Hollywood EDITION.

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