Rubi Rose On Hooking Up w/ White Men, Responds to Tate Brothers, Exposes Rich Crypto Stalker - 405
Jan 09 2024
In this episode of Impaulsive, social media sensation and top OnlyFans model, Rubi Rose, joins the hosts for a candid discussion. Rubi shares her experience with a stalker who spent a whopping $62k just to meet her. She also talks about her dating preferences, revealing why she will never date a certain type of man again.

Rubi also discusses her relationship with N3on and DDG, and her surprising earnings from OnlyFans. She expresses her dislike for Tristan Tate and shares her experiences of rejecting advances from NBA players. The conversation also covers how to identify a cheater and Logan's black eye from Kevin Owens.

Rubi also shares her thoughts on 9/11 conspiracies and gives tips on how to successfully slide into her DMs. The episode is packed with interesting discussions and revelations, making it a must-watch for fans of Rubi Rose and the Impaulsive podcast.

In the previous episode, the hosts shared the top 23 moments of 2023. This episode promises to be just as entertaining and insightful. Tune in to hear Rubi Rose's take on various topics, from her personal life to her professional journey.

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